Holiday Courses

As you look ahead, you can easily book skating / ice hockey sessions for the holidays. Even if there is bad weather or it’s too cold, the children on the rink are always protected. I also offer child care ½ day or full day during the school holidays for your smaller children.

Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious skater, there are plenty of educational and exciting opportunities for everyone. Whether you want to learn skating with the family or your child wants to learn to skate, Boost Hockey is your competent partner where having fun is our biggest gold. Once you learn to skate, you can never un-learn it.


Price per participant
for 60min
Price per participant
for 90min
1 participant CHF 80.— CHF 120.—
2 participants CHF 50.— CHF 75.—
3 participants CHF 40.— CHF 60.—
4 participants CHF 40.— CHF 60.—
Ab 5 participants CHF 40.— CHF 60.—