Personal training

Private lessons are suitable for anyone interested, whether for hockey players or for private persons.

For hockey players, private lessons are useful when working on individual improvements. Individually tailored training is not possible in camps, but private lessons can be 100% individualized. For performance-oriented players, it is advisable to start early with high-quality training to develop continuous progress and thus continuing the joy of ice hockey.

Ice hockey novices can make up for this with an easier return to the them and his or her teammates. It is also helpful if the child is no longer one of the youngest on the team or at the practices and personal training can make it easier to get started in ice hockey. Even for non-performance-oriented players or ice hockey fans visiting private lessons makes sense. The focus is on skating skills and playful elements. The joy of the results achieved is guaranteed to be huge. And by the way, hockey players are also welcome to improve their skating skills with our top coaches


Price per participant
for 60min
Price per participant
for 90min
1 participant CHF 80.— CHF 120.—
2 participants CHF 60.— CHF 90.—
from 3 participants CHF 50.— CHF 75.—